Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I LOVE being grandma!!!

I LOVE being grandma to Josiah, Caleb and Shane - they make my heart so happy! Last
night Josiah and Caleb were having a sleep-over; at bedtime they were having trouble setting down and going to sleep; imagine that! An almost three year old and a soon-to- be-six year old having trouble settling down at bedtime!

At any rate, we were trying to get them to go to sleep, when Josiah looked at me with the sweetest face and said, "Grandma, will you sing, 'You are My Sunshine'?" Of course I was happy to do so, so I began . . . 
You are my sunshine (at this point, I was given the most wonderful treat! Both boys joined in and sang with me - at the top of their lungs!!!)
My little sunshine (Josiah and Caleb both thought we should substitute the word, "big" for "little" since they are not "little"!!!)
You make me happy, all the day!
I love you forever and for always
You are my sunshine today! 
We sang this song together about a dozen times! It was so wonderful!!! When the boys were babies, I always sang this song to them at bedtime so they would go to sleep; apparently they remember!!!

Then Caleb looked at me with an oh-so-sweet smile and said, "Grandma, pray for me!" If my heart had not already been happy, it absolutely was at that moment!!! Of course I prayed for them!!! Caleb joined in with praying, "Thank You God for loving us. We love You! Thank You for loving us!!!"

Did I mention how happy my heart was???!!!! It is still overflowing with joy today!!!

I LOVE being grandma to these sweet boys!

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