Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Sweet Grandsons are Growing Up!

My grandsons, Josiah and Caleb, have been spending a few days at my house . . . a real treat for this grandma for sure! While I have had the boys over to spend the night a lot - normally they come over at least one night a week for a sleep-over, I have noticed the last few days how they are growing up!

Josiah is nearly six (his birthday is in September) and Caleb will turn three this month! Time sure does fly! They have both always been interested in building and putting things together, but Josiah is even more interested in this! He has been working most of the morning on a globe puzzle with 240 small pieces (it is actually for ages 10 and up . . . and yes, I'm very proud of him!). The puzzle is not a normal puzzle as you build it so it ends up being an actual globe/sphere!

He also spent most of the day yesterday drawing up blueprints and gathering supplies (old toy parts) to build a robot! It will be fun to see his robot when he is finished! These things tell me my Josiah most definitely has a mechanical and thinking mind! It is so fun to watch as he grows up!

Caleb spent time playing outside with his poppa - running and spraying water from his squirt-gun and water bottle! He came in sopping wet and very happy! He was also very excited to show me how he can play video games on the computer . . . he used to be too little, but now he is getting so much bigger!

Most importantly, I'm so happy to see how my sweet grandsons are growing into boys who think about and love God! When they pray, they often remember to thank God for loving them and ask Him to help them love Him more and more! This makes my heart so happy!

I know it will be just a few short years before these boys are too big to snuggle in my lap, but they will always be cherished in my heart and I look forward to watching them continue to grow!

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