Monday, August 11, 2014

crafting with grandma - Crochet Beard Hat!

My husband and son have beards; while I'd like my son's beard to be less, "bushy", my
grandsons look forward to the day when they will grow beards, too! So, I think it would be fun to make them beard hats for Christmas this year! I can just picture the three sweet grandsons in their beard hats . . . it would make a fun photo with their dad and poppa!

As I browsed on Pinterest this morning, I found a free pattern for crocheted beard hats . . . of course I decided to share it with you! It looks pretty simple . . . and like it will not take terribly long to make! Follow this link and you'll find the pattern in case you have any family members who might enjoy a beard hat for Christmas this year!

Enjoy and keep a camera handy!

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