Friday, August 15, 2014

grandma's chuckles - "He Cheats Because He is Three"

Josiah and Caleb were at my house a couple days ago and they wanted me to make a hide-out in the living room for them; so I grabbed some chairs and blankets and made it. They were sitting in their hide-out with Josiah listing all the "rules" for the game he wanted to play, but Caleb was just busy playing. All of a sudden, Josiah hit Caleb on the head, Caleb cried and Josiah said, "He is cheating! He is cheating! He isn't following the rules!"

Caleb came and sat in my lap for snuggling and sympathy and I had Josiah come and sit in a chair next to us. Josiah told me, "Caleb was cheating! He can never play with me again!" I told him Caleb was not cheating; he is just three and he may not have even been listening to the rules and probably did not know them. Josiah said, "But he was cheating! He was cheating!" I told him Caleb was three and was not cheating and he could not hit his brother. I then asked him if he really never wanted to play with Caleb again.

Josiah looked at Caleb, told him he was sorry - Caleb told Josiah he forgave him - and then they ran off to play once again; Josiah stopped, turned back to look at me and said, "Now that I know he cheats because he is three!"

These boys make my heart happy!

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