Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Please Make Sure They KNOW You Love Them

Normally I write about happy things . . . such as sparkle kisses and making monster hats, but today my heart is sad. Last night the local news told about a 12 year old boy who stabbed a nine year old boy playing on the playground; the nine year old died. The twelve year old did not know the nine year old; he called the police after he stabbed the other boy and said nobody loved him and he wanted to die.

My heart breaks for the family of the nine year old; their loved son/grandson was just playing at the playground down the street from their home. I can not even begin to imagine their grief and shock; please keep them in your prayers.

My heart breaks as well for the twelve year old; for a boy to feel so unloved he wants to die is so sad. It does not by any means excuse what he did to the nine year old, it just makes this so much more heartbreaking.

Take time to love and cherish your family - and be sure they know how very much they are loved and cherished. I always tell my grandsons I love them every time I see them. When they spend the night, the first thing I tell them in the morning is about how much I love them. They KNOW they are loved and cherished.

More importantly, they know they are loved and cherished by God. Sadly, there are children around the world; and even across town who do not know God loves them and do not believe any people love them either. This morning, please keep the family of the nine-year old in your thoughts and prayers and make sure your grandchildren, children and children you know KNOW they are loved.

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