Wednesday, September 17, 2014

crafting with grandma - Christmas Hats for 2014!

Well, I've been debating which hats I want to make for the sweet boys this year - I thought
about making Dr. Who hats, but the show is too scary for the boys, so I do not want to make them a Dr. Who hat.

Which brings me back to funny monsters and shark hats! I think these will be fun hats for the boys this year and have started working on the monster hats! I found a great pattern on Esty (it cost me $4.99, but the pattern has sizes for everyone; baby through adult!) I love the bumps and the silly look on the face of this little monster hat - I'll be adding earflaps because we live in Michigan and winters are cold here!

Red Heart sent me some of their new "Heads Up" yarn - which I love, by the way because it is soft and thick so will likely be warm! (They sent it to me for free, but my opinions are my own.) Shane's hat will be Jade, Caleb's hat will be True Red and Josiah's will be Tangelo. I'm also going to use some of Red Heart's new Reflective yarn in black and peacock (which they also sent to me to review). I'm going to buy another color as well, but am not sure which one yet.

When I finish the hats I'll post a photo for you!

Are you making any hats for your grandchildren this year for Christmas? IF so, what will they look like? What yarn are you using?

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