Tuesday, September 2, 2014

grandma's bookshelf - The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen - I'm Giving One Away!

I am often (typically at least once a week - many weeks more than once) invited to review books for children . . . which, since I have grandsons and since I personally find children's books to usually be a lot of fun, I do review them. While I am invited often to read novels, I don't always have time to do so; plus, most novels are predictible . . . a young woman is in love, discovers she misplaced her love and trust, is crushed, but ends up meeting "Mr. Right" and "falls in love", gets married and, "lives happily ever after". The setting may change, but the story is almost always the same. So, I typically pass on novels.

However; once in a while I receive an invite to review a novel which captures my interest; The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen is one such book! Not only was I invited to review this book, but an additional copy is available for me to give away! More on this later, but for now, I am looking forward to telling you about this book!

The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen
Author - Tosca Lee
Publisher - Howard Publishing

Favorite Features -
  • Historical fiction about Sheba - as in the Queen of Sheba
  • Story brings the, "colors", "fragrances", and "sounds" to "life" of what it may have been like for the legendary Queen
  • Believable story and characters - even if things did not actually happen the way Tosca Lee imagined them to happen, it does give us a better idea and "view" of what life was like and how things may have happened!
Howard Publishing says; "There is the story you know: A foreign queen, journeying north with a caravan of riches to pay tribute to a king favored by the One God. The tale of a queen conquered by a king and god both before returning to her own land laden with gifts. That is the tale you were meant to believe. Which means most of it is a lie. The truth is far more than even the storytellers could conjure. The riches more priceless. The secrets more corrosive. The love and betrayal more passionate and devastating. Across the Red Sea, the pillars of the great oval temple once bore my name: Bilqis, Daughter of the Moon. Here, to the west, the porticoes knew another: Makeda, Woman of Fire. To the Israelites, I was queen of the spice lands, which they called Sheba. In the tenth century BC, the new Queen of Sheba has inherited her father’s throne and all its riches at great personal cost. Her realm stretches west across the Red Sea into land wealthy in gold, frankincense, and spices. But now new alliances to the North threaten the trade routes that are the lifeblood of her nation. Solomon, the brash new king of Israel famous for his wealth and wisdom, will not be denied the tribute of the world—or of Sheba’s queen. With tensions ready to erupt within her own borders and the future of her nation at stake, the one woman who can match wits with Solomon undertakes the journey of a lifetime in a daring bid to test and win the king. But neither ruler has anticipated the clash of agendas, gods, and passion that threatens to ignite—and ruin—them both. An explosive retelling of the legendary king and queen and the nations that shaped history."

I completely enjoyed Sheba! So much so, I sat down and read it in five hours! I did not want to put it down; even through I am familiar with the Biblical account of Solomon being visited by the Queen of Sheba, I wanted to see where this story was going and what was going to happen next! I was not disappointed! I could almost see the kingdom of Sheba, hear the sounds, smell the spices . . . and I had no problem identifying with the servant girls who screamed at the sight of the spiders on their trip to Israel! I'm sure I would have been screaming, too! I will say, thought, this is not a book for children or young teens as it does deal with topics and situations not appropriate for children.

At any rate, while The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen is fiction, it did bring the history of the time, place and people into "light" and gave me a better idea of what things might have been like for this queen. I thoroughly enjoyed The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen and am very glad Howard Publishing sent me a copy to review! (While they sent it to me for free, I am writing my own opinions!) I'm also happy to say, not only did they send me one to review, but the are making another available for me to give away (USA only!) If you are over the age of 18, live in the USA and would like to be included in this give-away, which will be on September 22, 2014, you may enter by commenting below to tell me a Biblical person who you would love to meet if you were given the opportunity to do so (since in this book the Queen of Sheba met Solomon). Of course I'd love to meet in person, Jesus, but a person I'd find interesting to sit down and talk with would have to be Jehoshaphat. Since you might be wondering why I would choose him, I'll tell you! When he learned several neighboring countries had joined forces and were on their way to fight and defeat him, instead of hiding under his bed or running away because an army way bigger than his was heading towards him, he prayed and then trusted God when He told him not to worry because God was going to fight this battle for him. Jehoshaphat believed God so much, on his way to the "battle" he had his people sing praise songs! You can read all about it in 2 Chronicles 20 - do check it out as it is exciting! Jehoshaphat really believed he did not have to,"be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s."

Additional entries in this give-away are available if you follow on Google+, Google Friend Connect, follow by liking on facebook with the tab at this link (not just liking the post) and/or have followed grandma's cookie jar by email. For each of these which you have done you will receive one entry. In addition, if you "share" this post, you'll receive an additional entry (please let me know if you share!) This will help me be able to draw names from among people who would like to win The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away! Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar and for sharing it with the people you know! 


  1. I would like to meet Martha because she reminds me of myself. I follow on Facebook and email.

  2. well obviously Jesus tops the list :) but I would like to talk to Peter. I love how he went from being so afraid he denied even knowing Christ to being so full of the Holy Spirit that even his shadow was so full of Jesus that people were healed.

    1. My pastor just preached on I & 2 Peter for the past year - it was really interesting to learn more about Peter and what he wrote.