Sunday, September 14, 2014

grandma's chuckles - "Don't Look!", the "Cooperating" Refrigerator & Super Josiah!

I am a very blessed grandma! My grandsons "look out" for me! Last night when the boys
were over, they were watching a movie which had a big spider in it. Every time the spider showed up, Josiah (who was sitting in my lap) put his hand over my eyes and said, "Don't look, grandma!" Caleb also told me not to look! The boys know I am not a fan at all of spiders, so they warned and protected me from having to see a spider - even an animated one! I feel so loved!

Caleb is working on being potty-trained - sometimes he is not real willing to use the potty, but if I say I'm going to race and beat him to the bathroom - he takes off. He is always standing by the bathroom door with a big smile on his face while he says; "I'm first! I beat you, grandma!" After he uses the potty and washes his hands, he gets to go get a chocolate candy from the refrigerator. The other day he went to open it, but couldn't get the door open, so he said, "Grandma, I need help! The refrigerator isn't cooperating!" Later, when he went to open the door again, it opened right up for him, so he said, "Grandma! The refrigerator door is cooperating now!" He makes me smile!

This past Wednesday we took the boys out to Burger King before going to our church's mid-week children's ministry. This particular BK had a play-place. Caleb ran and climbed right to the very top - he is not afraid of heights. But, to come down, his short legs could not quite reach/touch the next lower level, so he called for Poppa to come help him. But, Poppa could not go up to get him, so Josiah went up and calmly and gently coaxed Caleb down! I told Josiah he really was, "Super Josiah" to the rescue and he did a great job as a big brother helping his little brother!

It has been a busy week, but it has been a wonderful one, filled with memories I will absolutely treasure! I am such a blessed grandma!

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