Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some, "grandma bragging" . . .

My grandson Josiah just turned six - he is a really fun six year old! One thing he likes to do
is to read. Yes, I said he likes to read! Not only does he like to read, but he is actually shocking his aunt with how good of a reader he is! Yesterday we were celebrating because his daddy has earned his Master Mechanic Certification and my parents gave Dave a card. On the card was the word, "Congratulations!" Josiah picked the card up and read the word - on his own with no help.

This - aside from making me feel very proud and happy with him - caused me to think about how often do we think children are too young to try something or do something. How often do we "dumb" things down for them? Josiah has always had a large vocabulary - filled with words with lots of letters! He not only used these big words, but understood what they meant so he used them correctly. This is due in part because his parents - and we - spoke to him as an intelligent person. We did not use, "baby language" with him. Plus, they and we have always read lots of books to him as he grew up. I guess it should not be a huge surprise for him to take to reading so quickly!

He is also very mechanical and curious - his dad, in particular, takes the time to explain how things work to Josiah. So, all this "grandma bragging" to say, challenge your grandchildren! Read to them! Treat them as intelligent people who are fully capable of learning many and understanding many things! It is true - children do live up - or down - to our expectations! Now there are certainly exceptions where some children have physical and/or learning challenges, but lets be people who encourage the children we love to try new things and then celebrate as they do learn something new!

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