Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Christmas Give-Away - Forever Pearl Fountain Pen from Cross!

I love to write! Yes, I love to write words which make a story, Bible Adventure or blog post, but beyond writing, I love to write . . . the physical action of writing beyond just typing on a keyboard. And, when I write, I love to do so with a fountain pen. Fountain Pens bring such a delight to the act of writing . . . if they are a fountain pen which does not, "spit", "skip" or leave ink everywhere but where you want it.

Over the years I've written with a lot of different fountain pens, but my favorite "brand" is Cross. A Cross Fountain Pen glides over paper and allows you to write while experiencing the actual action of writing. I know it may be old-fashioned . . . and even more so when writing with a fountain pen, but there is such delight in writing with fountain pens.

Plus, Cross puts such attention to the detail, design, and function of their pens you can be sure the pen itself will be beautiful! So, because I love fountain pens and Cross pens in particular, I am absolutely delighted for the opportunity to let you know about one of their newer designs; the Forever Pearl Fountain Pen, and give one away in my 2014 Christmas Gift Review and Give-Away!

Forever Pearl Fountain Pen
Manufacturer - Cross
Value - $185.00

Favorite Features - 
  • This pen is perfectly weighted. I have MS and writing with inexpensive, light-weigh pens is uncomfortable and leaves my hand feeling tired very quickly. However; a properly weighted pen makes writing significantly easier!
  • The Forever Pearl is designed with simplicity, style, and beauty!
  • The fountain pen glides across the paper!
  • It brings so much delight to writing!
Cross says; "Reminiscent of the fluid lines of a fountain pen, the Forever Pearl combines modern writing convenience with old world charm. With its pearlescent finish and decorative circles, this pen looks stunning on a desk or in the hand. Let your inspiration flow when you write with the Forever Pearl Fountain Pen from Cross. The pen's sculpted profile is graced with shimmering circles which add dimension to the delicate and elegant pearlescent finish. The metallic circle pattern is printed over an ivory lacquer base, and enhanced with accents of silvery chrome deep-cut engraving which adds intrigue, depth and dimension.The pen uses cartridge ink." 

I personally find the Forever Pearl Fountain Pen to be one of the most beautiful fountain pens I've reviewed and because it is so well designed and crafted, it is a delight to write with - it takes writing to a whole new level! It would make a wonderful treat for yourself or a stunning gift for the person on your list who enjoys writing!

I am so happy for the opportunity to give one Forever Pearl Fountain Pen away this year (USA only)! It is a fun addition to my 2014 Christmas Gift Review and Give-Away! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be in the drawing for Forever Pearl Fountain Pen, which will be on November 24, 2014, please comment below to let me know your favorite thing to write . . . for me, it is stories for my grandsons!

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  1. Shared, follow FB,Google+, email.....I have always wanted to be a writer. I would love to write children's stories. This is a really nice give away.

    1. Children's stories are fun to write! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. This pen is lovely! Shared on facebook, following on Facebook, GFC, G+ and email subscriber.

    1. It is beautiful, and perfectly weighted - a delight to write with (I have one similar to it from Cross, so I know it will write beautifully!) Thank you for sharing! :-)

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    1. A lovely journal and a lovely pen make a wonderful gift - or a delightful treat for yourself! This pen is a joy to write with! Thank you for sharing! :-)

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    1. A hand-written letter is a gift to the one who receives it! Thank you for sharing! :-)

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  10. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful, functional pens for my dad and sister. My dad draws, doodles and writes stories. My sister always has a notebook with her for writing stories or thoughts. I follow via email and Facebook.