Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas Plans!

For the past week or so I've been posting my 2014 Christmas Give-Aways . . . and while I still have more give-aways to announce, I thought I'd pause today and talk about Christmas plans! It may seem too early to be thinking and talking about Christmas, but it actually is just two months and four days away! Just around the corner!

So, I've started making the hats I'm giving my sweet grandsons this year . . . a very cute monster hat! I'll post photos when they are finished, but for today I'll just share what they will look like when the project if completed! I bought this pattern from Esty for just three or four dollars and the pattern includes directions for everyone in the family - from the tiniest baby to adults . . . a real bargain!

We will put our tree up after Thanksgiving dinner . . . it is a lot of fun watching the boys decorate the tree! In all honesty, they do not decorate it as I would and I really have to restrain myself to not go and "correct" their decorating, but I want it to be decorated as they choose . . . I do try to give some direction so the nativity scene is together, but beyond this, they are able to do as they like with the placement of ornaments!

I'm sure there will be plenty of baking as well and the boys; Caleb in particular, enjoy helping with baking! I'm going to be researching some fun new recipes . . . which of course, I'll share with you, too!

Along with the hats, tree, and baking, I'm planning to do my "countdown with grandma" . . . every day the boys are at my house between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they will get to open a small gift. The gifts will be small things, but will just add some "fun" to the celebrating!

I truly love celebrating Christmas . . . there truly is so much joy in this time of year, but not just because of the "fun" of gifts and trees and so forth, but because of the reason for the season . . . Jesus! In all my "fun" with the boys - and we will have fun for sure, I will connect it all back to Jesus! I truly LOVE this time of year!

What are your, "Christmas plans"?

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