Sunday, October 26, 2014

LeapTV - a Huge "Hit" with My Grandchildren; and With This Grandma!

It is extremely common for our grandchildren (children) to enjoy playing video games; and to spend a fair amount of time doing so . . . or at least as much time as we allow them to spend doing so. My grandsons definitely enjoy playing video games, so when I heard about the new LeapTVI was very interested in learning more about it; and I was very happy to agree to review LeapTV and write my own opinions of it when LeapFrog invited me to participate in their review. 

A couple days ago a box arrived with a LeapTV system, pre-loaded with seven games for me to review and an extra controller; since my grandsons were coming over Saturday for a sleepover, I planned to let them check it out with me. And check it out they did! It did take us a little bit to get everything working . . . the controllers did not seem to want to do what we wanted them to do at first, but then they kicked in . . . or maybe we figured out what they did and how to get them to do what they did!
At any rate, the LeapFrog LeapTV Ultimate Spider-Man Game was a HUGE hit with Josiah and Caleb loved the LeapFrog LeapTV Disney Jake and The Never Land Pirates Game! They both danced with the LeapFrog LeapTV Dance and Learn Game and they LOVED LeapFrog LeapTV Kart Racing: Supercharged! Game! While the boys were more concerned with if the games were fun . . . and they both enthusiastically told me they are definitely fun, I am very happy to see these games are more than just games. They help children learn math and reading as well as get them moving! Yes, I said, "moving"!

LeapTV is what it says it is . . . "A video game system which gets kids into the action while teaching core skills across reading, mathematics, science and problem solving. Gaming just got smarter with the LeapTV educational, active video gaming system. Kids can learn through motion as they jump, dance and more. With a library of 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved game cartridges, game downloads and videos, kids will never run out of fun! Designed from the ground up for children ages three to eight years old, the LeapTV video game system changes the way children learn by combining activity and movement with best-in-class educational curriculum." With LeapTV, you do not just sit on the sofa and play a game; you stand, move, dance and are actually moving along with the games! Plus, the motion-sensing camera adds to the fun by putting children on the TV and into the games as they play! The boys were very surprised and happy to see themselves on the TV, in the games as they played!

LeapTV provides three ways to play - depending on the game they are playing.
  • Body motion - where children become the "star" of their own game. There is a motion-sensing camera which captures children's moves and puts them into the game. (This delighted my grandsons - they loved seeing themselves on the TV in the game as they played!)
  • Pointer Play happens as the remote "transforms" with a simple twist and allows children to slice through coconuts, swing from building to building and more active fun! (I appreciated how the game pauses to let children know if they need to "transform" their controller or not - so they did not have to try to figure out which way to use the controllers!)
  • Classic Control gives children the option of pressing buttons or tilting and shaking the controller so they can drive, run, or move as they need to for each game.
I know my grandsons very much enjoyed playing with the LeapTV and I'm glad to see not only are they able to enjoy some of their favorite characters and games, but they are learning and moving while they do so! LeapTV is a huge "hit" with my grandchildren . . . and with this grandma!

What feature sounds the most interesting to you?

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