Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Heart is Happy!

The past month has been busy with announcing give-aways for this year's Christmas give-aways, so while I still have one more give-away to announce, today I want to pause and just share some of my joy in being a grandma . . . which is actually why I write grandma's cookie jar in the first place! (All the give-aways just "happened" as I started writing . . . and have become a fun part of this blog without a doubt!)

So, today I want to take a moment to write about my three grandsons - they are the ones who make me a grandma! The other day when Caleb was at my house he told me when Jesus was three years old (Caleb is three!) He had a black and white dog named, "Carl"! When he visited my church this past Sunday, his class was playing musical chairs. On one round, Caleb did not end up with a seat, but, rather than leave the game, he said; "I'll get my own chair!" and added a chair to the game and continued to play! He is a very determined and independent child . . . and so sweet! I love how Caleb prays; he says, "Thank You Jesus for always loving us!" I am so very glad he knows Jesus always loves him! He was looking at a picture I have of him and his two brothers yesterday, pointed at it, smiled at me and said; "These are your 'sweet boys'!" He is absolutely correct!

Josiah and Caleb go to my church on Wednesday nights to participate in our mid-week children's ministry - kids 'n action. Last week it was, "Crazy Hat Night", so we took the boys to a store to find crazy hats. Caleb chose a firefighter's hat - not really "crazy", but a fun hat for him for sure! Josiah chose a very colorful Jester's hat - definitely crazy! He wore it to school the next day - he is not shy - and to a classmates birthday party on Saturday. One of the "games" they had at the birthday party was to wrap the children in tp and then have them do "mummy dancing" - which my son filmed and posted to fb. I saw he posted a video, but of course the children's faces were not real clear. I was however, able to identify Josiah by noticing the boy in the colorful jester's hat! (I could tell who Caleb was as well because there was a smaller boy who stayed pretty close to Josiah!)
Little Shane has to be one of the happiest babies I've ever seen! He is almost always smiling! He is walking now, but while he can walk, he typically will walk a bit, then sit down and "scootch" across the floor on his little bottom! It is so funny! He has a very special relationship with Gimli (their dog). When he is eating, he will look for Gimli and hand him food! While Gimli is not allowed to snatch food from the boys, he knows if he stays close to Shane, there will be food coming his way!

I could, of course, go on and on with stories which make my heart happy about my three sweet boys . . . what grandma could not do the same with their sweet grandchildren?! I am a very blessed grandma because I am able to spend so much time with my three sweet boys!

What has been happening lately with your sweet grandchildren/children which makes your heart happy?

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