Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Christmas Give-Away - Little Things Long Remembered

There are many things we do as grandparents and parents with our grandchildren and children; things which we want them to remember. Things which we hope will be memories which cause them to know how dearly they are loved by us . . . and more importantly, by God. So, when I was invited to review a book all about creating these memories to help the children we love feel loved and special, I was happy to do so!

Little Things Long Remembered
Author - Susan Newman
Publisher - Iron Gate Press

Favorite Features - 
  • Book provides 500 ideas for helping the children you love experience your love!
  • Includes information to help you know how to connect with your grandchildren/children
  • Ten "rules" for finding the best ways to try these ideas
  • Ideas for - Establishing Ties, Ideas which take less than five minutes, ideas which take a half hour to hour or so, weekend fun, special circumstances - when you travel, sick days - Special days - holidays & birthdays, little things long remembered
The author says; "Little Things Long Remembered is the antidote to the daily technological overload which assaults today's families. Dividing attention between email, apps, text messaging, web surfing, social media, etc. is unproductive at any age, but extremely detrimental to building emotional bonds, establishing family traditions and creating warm memories with children. The ideas in Little Things Long Remembered  which guides parents through gestures and activities underscore findings from a recent Harvard Study: Don't' underestimate the impact of the simple things you do with your children, especially things which seem commonplace of unexciting. Over time, the ordinary becomes extraordinary."

I think some of the ideas in Little Things Long Remembered - are likely things we do already; such as always greet and say good-by to our grandchildren with hugs and kisses and letting them know how you would absolutely choose them if you were able to choose your grandchildren. But whether they are things we already do or not, seeing them reminds us how important they are! I think the ideas in Little Things Long Remembered  are very "do-able" and are great ways to connect with the children we love and develop some wonderful family traditions!  I love the ideas for Holidays - and the ideas for helping children give to others as well!

I'm happy to say, not only dis Susan Newman send me one Little Things Long Remembered in exchange for me writing about it, but she also is making another available for me to give away (USA only)! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be in the drawing for Little Things Long Remembered which will be on November 19, 2014, please comment below to let me know one of your favorite family traditions which show your love! I always let my family members choose the menu for their birthday each year - then I fix whatever it is they chose!

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