Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christmas Treat - a Free Game!

On my other blog; About the Children's Department, I reviewed - and gave away - two books . . . Can't-Wait Willow!  and Must-Have Marvin! Both of these books were written by Christy Zigler and are excellent books for the children you love! (You'll find the reviews at this link and this link).

Circus Walk Travel Game from Shine Bright KidsCircus Walk Travel Game from Shine Bright KidsYesterday I received an email with news about how you could get a free Circus Walk Game (rolls out for easy play) with ANY purchase this month at TO GET THE FREE GAME WITH PURCHASE: visit and add the game to your cart. At check out, enter discount code "flyby2014" and receive Circus Walk for FREE! Offer valid with any purchase during entire month of November.


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