Wednesday, November 19, 2014

fun with grandma - Ten Thanksgiving Fun Ideas!

When the boys were here this past Saturday for a sleep-over, Josiah and I were talking. I told him while children usually enjoy coming to their grandparent's when they are young, when they get older, they sometimes think their grandparents are boring and do not want to visit any longer. His eyes got big and he said, "I'll NEVER think THAT! I will ALWAYS want to come and visit you and Poppa!" He made my heart happy!

So, in the interests of remaining, "not boring", I'm happy to share with you an idea for Thanksgiving fun which I found on Pinterest this morning! If you follow this link, you'll find free printables and directions for lots of fun you can have with your family on Thanksgiving! 

I'll definitely try a few of them - for sure the Turkey Legs! I'll probably hide them and let the boys go looking for them . . . sure to be fun!

What about you? Which idea might you try this Thanksgiving?

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