Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Caroling - Mary Did You Know?

When I was a teen, the Saturday or two before Christmas typically was when we went caroling. So, today I'm still "caroling" for you . . . so what could be a better song to share, than one from Pentatonix . . . Mary Did You Know

When Mark Lowry wrote this song, he wrote a classic . . . I do wonder what Mary knew as she held her baby. Did she remember Isaiah which indicated the Messiah would be led like a sheep to the slaughter? Did she hold her little Lamb closer and hope that was not what was going to happen to her sweet boy? We do not know what she thought; what she knew, but we do know when she was asked by Michael the angel if she would accept God's plan for her, she said, "yes". This was not an easy thing for her to do because it meant she would be judged by friends, family, neighbors and others in her community. People who did not know what she knew would "label" her; incorrectly. But, she still said, "yes".

Jesus also said, "Yes" and He knew what He was saying, "yes" to. He knew the cross was before Him. He knew God would no longer be able to be in communication with Him as He took our sin on Him; He knew He would be separated from God for the first time in His existence. Yet, He said, "Yes".

He invites us to make the choice and to say, "Yes" to Him today! If you do not yet know Jesus, say, "Yes" to Him today . . . receive God's Best Gift ever and this Christmas will be the best ever!

Share the Gift of Jesus with your grandchildren; invite them to say, "yes", too!

Merry Christmas!

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