Sunday, December 28, 2014

grandma's favorite posts from 2014 - Once Upon a Time . . .

Today I'm happy to share with you another of my favorite posts from 2014 . . . 
I love to read books to to my grandsons . . . it seems to be one of the "grandma requirements", but as much as I enjoy reading books to them, I really love making up stories . . . and am so happy to see Caleb is following in his brother's footsteps and is truly enjoying our times when we make up stories! I love being able to see how their imaginations are growing and of course the "storytelling" of young boys brings at least a few laughs! 
One day when Josiah was here, we were making up stories about Josiah the boy, a dinosaur and a rock monster. Me, "Once upon a time there was a boy named Josiah . . ." Josiah, "And he heard a scary sound!" Me, "What scary sound did he hear?" Josiah, "He heard, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!" Me, "Ooooohhh! What made the scary stomp sound?" Josiah, "It was a dinosaur!!!" Me, "A dinosaur???!!!!" Josiah, "Yes! A dinosaur and a rock monster! They were dancing, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!" Me, "And when they saw the boy Josiah, they were afraid!" Josiah, "Boys are not scary." Me, "Well, if you were a dinosaur and a rock monster and never saw a boy before, a boy may be a scary thing. What did Josiah tell the dinosaur and the rock monster?" Josiah, "I'm not scary!" Me, "So Josiah danced with the dinosaur and rock monster, but then they heard another scary sound! It was a grumble, grumble, grumble sound!" Josiah, "They were hungry!" Me, "What did they want to eat?" Josiah, "Salad because the dinosaur was green! And they wanted to eat Josiah!" Me, "They wanted to eat Josiah???!!!! I don't want them to eat you!!!" Josiah, (in a whisper to me) "Not me, the other Josiah!" (the one in the story) Me, "Oh, that is a relief!" 
Making up stories about a boy named Josiah, a dinosaur and a rock monster is one of my favorite things to do! :^) Try it with your grandchildren! Not only will it be an opportunity to help your grandchild develop his/her imagination, but it provides an opportunity to build memories and your relationship - of course snuggling, hugs and laughing is involved with making up stories!  
What stories do your grandchildren love to make up with you?

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