Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Am a Very Blessed Grandma!

Today was a truly wonderful day! Josiah and Caleb spent the night and since their Poppa had to be at church all day to work lights for the morning services and for the two Christmas performances today, the boys and I stayed home and had our own Sunday School at grandma's house! We made instant snow and talked about how the Bible says, even though our sins are like scarlet, when Jesus forgives us, He washes us white as snow! Josiah told me about his favorite Bible Adventure - David and Goliath - there were no dragons in it, but there were lions, bears, a king, a giant, armies and most important, just as God helped David with his BIG problem when Josiah and Caleb have problems they can know God will help them, too!

Then, we made jingle-bell candy-cane ornaments, cookies and enjoyed being together! The boys told me they love me, "forever, and forever, and forever, and forever, and forever, and forever . . . " a three and six year old can put a LOT of "forevers" in there! I told them they made their grandma's heart happy! They definitely do!

I am a very blessed grandma!

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