Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wrapped with Love - Part Two!

Yesterday I wrote about how my sweet grandsons saw, bought and wrapped a gift for their
momma for Christmas! I said, "The boys picked the wrapping paper they wanted to use and I cut it to size; then they wrapped the gifts . . . using a LOT of tape! I have to say they are the MOST BEAUTIFULLY wrapped gifts I have ever seen! Yes, they have paper sticking up all over and do not have neatly folded ends, but these gifts are absolutely wrapped with love, which makes them the MOST BEAUTIFUL EVER! And since Christmas is really about love; God's love and how He sent the BEST GIFT EVER . . . and when you think about it, a baby in a manger in a stable was not really 'wrapped' perfectly either . . . my grandson's gift for their mom is perfect! It is about love!"

So, today I have to tell you about what happened next! The boys were at my house for a couple hours yesterday; they asked me if they could give their mom one of her presents early (I'm all about giving gifts early!!!) and I told them the gifts were from them so it was up to them when they gave them to their momma. Of course, they decided to give them to their mom! Little Caleb (he is three years old), ran up to his momma with a gift in his hand and a big smile on his sweet face and said, "Mom! This Christmas present is for you; it is lip balm!!!" Apparently he gives gifts like he plays hide-and seek . . . he tells you what it is before you open it!!!

The boys ended up giving their mom all their gifts for her . . . the best gift they gave her was their sweet love! (And, their momma said she had noticed these particular lip balms in the store and almost bought them, so the boys did a great job of choosing something their momma really wanted for Christmas!)

Well, the wrapping of gifts was not finished, because yesterday they wrapped their dad's gift . . . once again, wrapped with lots of tape and LOTS of love!

I truly love Christmas and the opportunity it gives us to stop and remember what Christmas really is all about . . . giving and showing our love for others with great enthusiasm . . . which is how God gives and shows His love for us!

Merry Christmas!

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