Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wrapped with Love!

The other day my grandsons were at a store with me when they saw something which caught their eye; they just HAD to have it. But, not for themselves! They said this thing (which I can not say today what it is because my daughter-in-law might see this!) was exactly what their mom had to have for Christmas! Such sweet boys!

I told them they could pay for it and we would take it home to wrap for their mom. At this, Josiah said, "I have to pay for it??!!! I only have two dollars!!!!" I said he would have to pay for it. Josiah said, "Really??? I have to pay for it???!!!!" I smiled and said, "Yes! If you only have two dollars you'll have to figure out how you will pay for it!" Behind him his poppa was whispering; "Pay with hugs and kisses! Pay with hugs and kisses!" Josiah scowled and said, "Pay . . . with hugs . . . and kisses???? OH!!!! Pay with hugs and kisses!!!!" with a big smile! I said, "Sounds like something which will work for me for sure!!!

Of course he paid for his mom's gift and we took it home. The boys picked the wrapping paper they wanted to use and I cut it to size; then they wrapped the gifts . . . using a LOT of tape! I have to say they are the MOST BEAUTIFULLY wrapped gifts I have ever seen! Yes, they have paper sticking up all over and do not have neatly folded ends, but these gifts are absolutely wrapped with love, which makes them the MOST BEAUTIFUL EVER!

And since Christmas is really about love; God's love and how He sent the BEST GIFT EVER . . . and when you think about it, a baby in a manger in a stable was not really "wrapped" perfectly either . . . my grandson's gift for their mom is perfect! It is about love!

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