Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cold - Snowy - Built-in Map & Cherry Pits!

I live in West Michigan and for December, while typically we experience plenty of snow, this past December we did not receive snow - possibly a few flakes in the air, but nothing which accumulated . . . and in West Michigan, the accumulating type is the only type which counts!

However; January is a completely different story! We have received . . . and are continuing to receive snow which is accumulating! Not only are we receiving the type of snow which "counts", but it is cold . . . another thing winters in Michigan are known for!

As I was browsing on Pinterest this morning, I saw a link for info on making your own hand-warmers . . . and one comment on the link suggested using Cherry Pits for filler in hand-warmers. Well, as I mentioned a few times already, I live in West Michigan, and along with being known for snowy and cold winters, we are also known as the Cherry Capital of the World as the Traverse City area is surrounded by cherry orchards! Where is Traverse City, you might ask? Well, hold up your left hand so the back of your hand is facing you. Look at the area around the tip of your pinky finger . . . this is where Traverse City is (for those of you who are confused by this, the back of your left hand is basically the same as the shape of the state of Michigan . . . we Michiganders have a "built-in" map!)

So, anyway, I checked on-line and found a business which sells cherry pits which you can use to make hand-warmers . . . if you, your grandchildren, family or friends live anywhere cold, these could be wonderful additions to the pockets of your grandchildren, children and family! (You'll find their link here - I am ordering cherry pits from them, but beyond this I can not "vouch" for them as I have not ordered anything from them before. However; they do guarantee their products with a 100% money back guarantee.)

Have you ever used cherry pit filler before when making hand-warmers?

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