Sunday, January 4, 2015

crafting with grandma - Button Ornaments!

Yes, I know we just celebrated Christmas and I realize it may be a "tad bit" early to start thinking about making Christmas ornaments for 2015, but as I browsed on Pinterest this morning I saw a cute idea for ornaments which I think my grandsons will enjoy making next year for their teachers . . . and parents and grandparents! 

This idea involves making Christmas trees out of buttons - which I have noticed before, but also snowmen, which was something new - at least for me! So, I now have almost a year to watch for sales on buttons, because I will need a lot of buttons! Which is why I'm sharing this idea with you today!

Watch for sales on white, green and black buttons and stock up so you and your grandchildren can have fun making ornaments for 2015! They should be pretty easy to string on a wire or leather cord and will make great ornaments which grandchildren - even young grandchildren - should be able to make with little, if any, help . . . which makes them perfect to give and wonderful to receive!

These cute ornaments would also make wonderful items your grandchildren could make and combine with a plate of cookies for neighbors, pastors, local police and/or fire fighters to share the joy of Christmas 2015!

I think I'll ask my daughter, daughter-in-law and mom to watch for buttons as well, so I have a nice supply ready to go in November 2015 . . . which is only ten months away!

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