Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Don't Waste the Time!

The other day when the boys were over to my house I was able to notice several things. First of all, Josiah is growing up. He was six in September and as the oldest, he seems to take some "responsibility" for watching out for his littlest brother, Shane. When Shane gets into something, Josiah will tell him, "no, no" and then wrap his arms around Shane from behind with his arms going under Shane's arms and just pick him up and "pack" him to a different location to "relocate" him! Shane gets a grin on his face which has a bit of mischief to it, but does not yell or kick or even really protest.

Caleb, the one in the middle, is not big enough at three to pack Shane, who is one, very far, but he does tend to keep an eye out to be sure Shane has a toy. Now, if Caleb decides it is a pretty good toy and he actually wants it, he will give Shane something else and "swap" . . . whether Shane was really interested in "swapping" or not!

It is fun to watch these three boys grow and to see the people they are. I know I have such a short window of time to truly influence these three boys, so I do not want to waste it. It is important for me to keep in perspective what really matters . . . and I absolutely know for sure, Josiah, Caleb and Shane really matter!

I'll get to spend some time with my sweet boys tomorrow! I'm so thankful and I have plans to surprise them and enjoy our time together!

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