Monday, January 12, 2015

Free Paper Dolls!

When I began writing grandma's cookie jar, it was my intent to write at least one post each day. However, this past week I've been ill and have missed some days. So, today I'm definitely writing something!

So, this morning when I was browsing on Pinterest I saw something which I will not make use of - since I have grandsons - but, if you have granddaughters, you may find it something you will really like. Follow this link and you'll find printables for these cute paper dolls which you can download, print then cut out for your granddaughters to enjoy!

When I was little I loved paper dolls . . . they were a simple and inexpensive way for me to play with different dolls. Today they are still a wonderful way for little girls to pretend and play with dolls . . . in this case, from Japan!

If you have granddaughters, enjoy!

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