Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow, Driving and My Day With the Sweet Boys!

It is Wednesday; otherwise known as, "the day I spend with the sweet boys"! So, this morning Dave drove to work and then I took the car to get the boys. The roads were not great and I particularly do not enjoy driving on icy roads. But, I drove like my car suggests - it is a Mercury Marque and looks like a car old people drive! Yes, I drove slow, but I got where I was going with no incidents!

Once the boys were buckled into the car I drove Josiah to school. He prayed for me that I wouldn't be afraid and the roads would be safe - isn't he so sweet!!!

Now, Caleb and I are home; I expect - or at least hope - by the time I need to go pick Josiah up from school, the sun comes out, the snow stops falling and the roads are better!

I love my, "day I spend with the sweet boys", but would not mind if the snow would just stay off the roads!

Do you have any day of the week which you spend with your grandchildren?

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