Friday, February 6, 2015

crafting with grandma - Story Stones

DIY Story Stones. Easy and beautiful DIY toys. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.comAs I've mentioned a time or two - or more - my grandsons and I enjoy making up stories together, so yesterday when I was browsing on Pinterest I saw a post I knew I would be making and just had to share with you! Story Stones are story "starters" - they encourage imagination by giving children - and grandmas - components from which they can "build" their stories.

They would be fun to make - go on a nature hike . . . after the snow melts . . . and gather some nice stones. Bring them home and paint items . . . cars, balloons, flowers . . . and if you have grandsons like mine, then monsters, aliens and poison lightning! I think it would also be wonderful to make an additional set of "story stones" with Bible features . . . boys, girls, men, women (all in Bible clothes), angels (strong men of course!), the Bible, Jesus, and any other "story starters" you might choose.

Once you have your story stones completed, you can use them to make up your own stories - or with the Bible set, review Bible Adventures! They can be a lot of fun; not just to make, but to use with your grandchildren as well!

Follow this link and you'll find great info about making your own set of story stones!

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