Friday, February 6, 2015

crafting with grandma - Zig-Zag Purse!

Connect your grannies at the corners and add an edge (works in the other direction too!)..It is that time of year where I start thinking about crocheting new purses, so with this in mind I browsed on Pinterest this morning and found an idea which I think would make an amazing purse! Granny squares connected at the corner for a "zig-zag" look! This has the potential to be a fun and unique purse!

Of course, it would also make a wonderful afghan . . . and a fun project to work on with your granddaughters to help them learn to crochet. If they begin now, they could have it finished in plenty of time to give the finished afghan to their parents for Christmas! 

I'm not posting any links to this pattern because when I tried to follow the link on Pinterest it went to pop-ups about viruses which I had to shut down my computer to get them to go away. But, I think the picture provides enough info to figure out how to make it - granny squares, attached at the corners and then a wave/zig-zag crochet. If I do try to make this into a purse, I'll share my pattern with you.

So, what do you think. Could this make a unique and fun purse? 

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