Thursday, February 12, 2015

Developing a Heart for Others!

My grandsons have been working on a project to show their love to others by making
cookies and bird feeders which they are selling so they can raise money to buy bunnies for families in need. So, last night the boys were delivering cookies and birdfeeders to their great-grandparents; Josiah asked me how much we should charge for the cookies and birdfeeders. I told him we would let people pay whatever they chose. He looked concerned and said; "But, what if they only choose to pay a penny??!!!" I smiled and told him whatever someone chose to pay would be just right. He looked like he was not convinced, but went along with it. (His great grandparents paid $20 for a baker's dozen fresh baked homemade cookies and two birdfeeders - $20 will buy two bunnies!)

So, as we took the boys home last night, Caleb (three years old) wanted us to stop by the, "bunny store" so we could buy the bunnies for the family! Obviously I need to explain better about actually buying the bunnies! 

I'm very happy to also say, Josiah is planning to bring some of his own money to put towards buying bunnies for families in need! I'm so happy to see my grandsons jump right in to this project! They have never once even mentioned raising money for toys or something for themselves! They are excited for the opportunity to show their love by helping families in need. I'm so happy to watch as these two sweet young boys are developing a true heart for others!

We still have two weeks to go, so it will be fun to see how many bunnies the boys are able to buy! (If you want to involve your grandchildren in a project to help families in need around the world by buying bunnies for them, check this link at WorldHelp!)

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