Friday, February 27, 2015

Earning & Buying Bunnies to Help Families in Need!

February is almost over and tomorrow when the boys are at my house we will be ordering the bunnies they have been working to buy for families in need around the world. Josiah and Caleb baked cookies - which they sold, and made bird feeders (Cheerios on chenille  wire) - which they sold so they could use the money they earned to buy bunnies from WorldHelp for families in need.

A couple weeks ago when they were delivering cookies and bird feeders to their great grandparents Josiah wanted to know what we were charging. I told him we would let them pay whatever they wanted. He looked concerned and asked, "But what if they only want to give us a penny???" I told him it would be okay and we would let them give whatever they wanted (they gave much more than a penny!). On our way home Caleb wanted to go right away to buy the bunnies . . . I think he wanted to hold them! I explained we were actually ordering the bunnies on-line; which he was not so happy about (I may have to find a bunny for him to hold!).

At any rate, tomorrow we will be ordering the bunnies the boys have earned and will spend some time praying for the families who receive them!

I'm so glad the boys were so willing to work on this project and have such tender hearts to help families in need around the world. We will do this project again!

Part of passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren means helping them develop tender hearts which care about, help and motivate them to pray for others who are in need. Earning money to buy bunnies is one way our grandchildren can do this. You can try it with your grandchildren, too! Decide what they will do to earn money and then for every $20 they earn, they will be able to buy two bunnies for a family in need. (You will find the bunnies at this link.)

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