Tuesday, February 24, 2015

grandma's bookshelf - The Pirate and the Firefly - I'm Giving One Away!

I was recently invited to review a new book and since it had a pirate in it and is about a lesson in wisdom, I accepted the invite! BH Kids sent me the book to review (for free, but my opinions are my own) and they are making another available for me to give away, but first, my opinion!

The Pirate and the Firefly
Author - Tara McClary Reeves & Amanda Jenkins
Illustrator - Daniel Fernandez
Publisher - BH Kids
Ages - 4-8

Favorite Features - 
  • I LOVE the illustrations! Full of color, detail and fun they are sure to capture the attention of children.
  • I'm very happy to see the Parent Connection in the back with ideas of ways to help children think through and understand the message in the story - fun idea to have children make their own maps!
  • I like how the story shows the conflict Oliver feels in doing what he knows is wrong and how he chooses to make things right.
  • I like how it walks children through Psalm 1
  • I don't think the story needs the firefly - everything else in the story is at least what could be real. I'd rather see someone else help Oliver think through how to make a wise choice - possibly a grandparent
BH Kids says; "Oliver loves pretending to be a pirate, but learns blindly following others doesn't leave him with a good feeling inside. In this Scripture adventure, kids join Oliver as he rights the wrongs done by his so-called Pirate friends. Through it all, Captain Oliver learns following God's way is the true way to wisdom! The second book in the Firefly Chronicle series brings entire sections of Scripture to life via imaginative, fantastical stories which use a passage from Psalms to help children understand and apply biblical truths to their lives. Each book in the series will depict Oliver wearing a different costume as he imagines and adventures his way through God's Word with the help of Phineas, the firefly. The series will address the felt needs of children ages 4 to 8 including courage, confidence, friendship and more with biblical truths about God."

I enjoyed the story and like how it walks children through Psalms 1 so they understand better what it means to make wise choices and not only choose wise friends, but be a wise friend as well. I would really rather see something or someone other than a firefly in the story as the rest of the story could be a "true" story. Why mix pretend with true when you could just make the story real-to-life? At any rate, it is a story children will enjoy and learn from. 

I'm very happy to say, not only did BH Kids send me one copy of The Pirate and the Firefly for me to review, but they are making another available for me to give away - USA only. If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be in the drawing for The Pirate and the Firefly, which will be on March 11, 2015, please comment below to let me know about an adventure you had as a child - my family had a summer house on a lake, so we spent summers there. My friends a few houses down and I swam across the lake and back . . . I thought it was so fun! There was also a stump fence row next to our house and a woods on the other side, so we spent a lot of time playing in the woods and climbing on the stump fence. Thursdays we would walk to the small village nearby to check out the flea market - I often brought home a kitten or puppy because they were free, buy my mom always made me take them back. I figured she would, but it was worth a try! Such fun!

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The Pirate and the Firefly and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away!


  1. Summer bike rides were part of my adventures and spending time at grandma's house. I follow on fb and email.