Friday, February 13, 2015

grandma's chuckles - "Gimli!! Gimli!!! Gimil!!!!"

The other day my grandsons were at my house and Shane, the youngest at 18 months, was
frustrated about something and said; "Gimli!! Gimli!!! Gimil!!!!" I found this to be very funny because Gimli is the name of my grandson's dog and Gimli is an aggressive chewer. There has been a number of times when my son and daughter-in-law have walked into a room and found things all chewed up all over their floor. I suspect it is at times such as these sweet Shane has heard his parents say; "Gimli!! Gimli!!! Gimil!!!!" Apparently, when you are frustrated you say; "Gimli!! Gimli!!! Gimil!!!!" See why I thought it was so funny for Shane to say this?!!

Yes, our grandchildren/children do pick up the things we say and do and often incorporate those things into the things they say and do as well. While little Shane saying; "Gimli!! Gimli!!! Gimil!!!!" is funny, it is a reminder to us to be sure the things we say and do are things we want our grandchildren/children to make part of what they say and do as well. Let's be sure we model love, grace and mercy, so our grandchildren know what these things look like and how to be people who live with them as well!

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