Thursday, February 19, 2015

grandma's chuckles - He is a Problem Solver!

Yesterday I spent the day with Caleb and Shane - and Josiah joined us when he got out of
school. Wednesdays - otherwise known as; "the Day-with-the-Sweet-Boys", is a day I look forward to each week! 

Shane is just 18 months old and does not typically spend the day with us, but yesterday was his momma's birthday and his daddy planned to spend the day with her, so Shane joined us. He is such a little "character"! Shane has discovered where his grandma keeps the chocolate hearts - on the counter in a basket which ordinarily he can not reach. But, does not being able to reach it stop this little boy? Oh, no! Not for a moment! He is a problem solver, like his older brothers, and he discovered he can push his blue car or a chair to the counter, climb on it and then reach the tasty, sweet treats! And reach them he did! Shane is a rascal, but most definitely a very sweet rascal!

I'm glad Shane joined us for my "Day-with-the-Sweet-Boys" yesterday! The older he gets, the more I am able to see how he is like his brothers and like his own self . . . he, like his brothers, is a wonderful gift from the hand of God and I am grateful! 

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