Sunday, February 22, 2015

"If I Need . . . or Want Something . . . "

Today I was remembering one night when my husband and I went to stay with our grandsons while their parents went out for a couple hours. When we arrived, the boys were already in bed and Caleb was sound asleep. Josiah was not asleep.

As Dave and Jackie were heading out the door, from his bedroom we heard Josiah say, "Are they gone yet?" to which we said, "No". This happened a couple times.

When Dave and Jackie did go, I counted to four before Josiah asked again! When we said, "Yes", he ran out and asked a question. He went back to bed. Then he came out and asked another question. He went back to bed. Then he came out and said, "Would it be okay for me to sleep on the sofa so if I need; or want, something else, I won't have to run out here to ask?" We said yes; he settled on the sofa and was sleeping in a couple minutes. 

Now, how many five year olds are able to identify and self-correct the difference between what they, "need" and what they "want"? Many adults can not even do this!!! He makes me laugh!!! 

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