Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Day-With-the-Sweet-Boys Day

Today is, Day-With-the-Sweet-Boys-Day, otherwise known as Wednesday. I picked Josiah and Caleb up this morning and took Josiah to school. Caleb came home with me and we are enjoying our morning together while we talk, laugh, play and just have fun together. 

In a couple hours we will go pick Josiah up from school and then hang out together until it is time to pick their Poppa up from work - we might make cookies. We will pick up some supper and then take the boys to the mid-week children's ministry at our church. When it is over, we will take the boys home.

My Wednesdays are always busy, but I get very little actually done; that is very little other than spending time loving the boys, talking with the boys, listening to them and just being together! And of all the things I could do on a Wednesday, how can anything else be more important?

I want my sweet grandsons to know beyond a shadow of a doubt their grandma loves them and loves to spend time with them. As important as it is to me for them to know this, it is ever so much more important for them to know just how very much God loves them. So, as I spend my, "Day-With-the-Sweet-Boys", I will be passing on a heritage of faith and this makes this day a very important day for sure!

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