Saturday, February 7, 2015

Showing Love!

As we think about love during February, it is very important for us to understand real love shows itself. Yes, it speaks love to others, but it does not stop with the words. Real love shows itself; just as God showed His love to us! One way we can help our grandchildren understand this is by involving them in projects to show love to others.

A few days ago I posted about involving grandchildren in showing love to families in need by having them raise money to buy bunnies from WorldHelp. For just $20 you can give a pair of bunnies to a family in need somewhere in the world; and of course we all know those two bunnies will very quickly be more than just two bunnies! This gives families a source of food and income as they sell bunnies in their communities.

I told my grandsons about the bunnies and they have been working this morning to make cookies which they will sell to raise money and making Cheerio bird feeders, which they will also sell. They want to see how much money they can raise in the month of February to give bunnies to families in need. My grandsons are just six and three years old; if they can work on projects to earn money to show their love to others, the children in our ministries can, too!

There is still time to involve your grandchildren in projects to show their love to others by raising money to buy bunnies for families in need. Check WorldHelp's website for info on the bunnies and involve your grandchildren in showing love to others!

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