Monday, February 16, 2015

Spiderkid; not Spiderman!

Image result for images for superheroesRecently my grandson Caleb (three years old) decided he was Spiderman. For about week he kept telling me he was Spiderman; a good superhero because he helps people! I told him Spiderman did not wear diapers, and asked him if this meant he was ready to start using the potty; which apparently it did . . . at least once-in-a-while!

But then this past weekend he told me he could not be Spiderman because he was a kid; not a man. He then told me he was actually Spiderkid! I laughed and said I was sure Spiderkid used the potty, too, which he decided he could do - again, once-in-a-while!

While I'm not a fan of anything which has anything to do with spiders, I'm glad my sweet Caleb wants to be a good guy who helps others - and I'm glad he is willing to use the potty . . . at least once-in-a-while! 

What "super-heroes" do your grandchildren like to pretend they are?

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