Sunday, February 1, 2015

There Are Ninja Turtles at My House!

The other day my grandson Josiah asked me if I'd make him Ninja Turtle slippers. Of
course, Caleb thought he would like some slippers, too! I said I'd be happy to make them for the boys, so Thursday and Friday I was busy crocheting three pairs of Ninja Turtle slippers - the third was for sweet Shane.

When the boys came over for their sleep-over Friday night, the slippers were completed; and did not take long to be put on three pairs of feet! At first Shane (one year old) wanted them off his feet, but as soon as he noticed his brothers had slippers, too, he was happy to keep his slippers on his feet. Once again, apparently whatever the two older brothers do, is exactly what the youngest brother wants to do!

I took photos which I'm sharing with you today. I shared the link for the pattern the other day - you'll find it at this link. I followed the pattern for each pair of slippers, but used a size 5 (H) for Josiah's slippers, a size 4.5 (G) for Caleb's slippers and a size 4 (F) for Shane's slippers.

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