Saturday, March 7, 2015

Busy Saturday Morning & I Love It!

It has been a busy morning here at the Freeman home. Three sweet boys spent the night and at 6am one was ready to get up . . . by 7:30am all of them were up! We snuggled, I fixed breakfast . . . bacon, scrambled cheesy eggs, cinnamon toast and coffee (decaf for the boys) and I made cookies, started the pork loin in the slow cooker and got the homemade bread going in the bread machine. Like I said, a busy morning!

Yes, mornings when the boys have had a sleepover are busy, but it is a wonderful busy! I love spending time with these three sweet boys - I want them to grow up knowing how tremendously much they were and are loved by their grandma!

Then we had a time of popcorn-thanks to God for His many blessings; the boys had a lot of fun with calling out things they thanked God for - everyone in the world, cookies, God's forgiveness for our sins and many, many more things! We will definitely do this again.

Right now before I finish fixing lunch I sat down for five minutes; the boys are watching Sean the Sheep and there is a spider in the show, so Caleb is sitting in my lap to keep me from seeing it - he knows I do not like the horrible creatures! Such a sweet boy protecting his grandma!

Yes, it is busy. Yes, I will be tired when the boys go home, but I absolutely love Saturday mornings when the boys spend the night!

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