Sunday, March 29, 2015

grandma's chuckles - I'm Going to Dig All the Way to China!

My grandsons had a sleep-over Friday night so Saturday morning I gave each of the boys a "surprise" - just for the fun of it. Shane (18 months) received a stuffed frog and I greatly enjoyed him running around saying "Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!" Very cute! Josiah and Caleb each received a K'Nex Moto-Bots building set, so for the rest of the morning the boys built and then played with their robots . . . they had motors they build their robots around so they were actually able to walk - definitely adding to the fun!

After lunch, Josiah said he wanted to dig all the way to China with his robot (he was just kidding), but Caleb heard him and decided it was definitely the thing to do with his robot (he was serious about reaching China!). This is the difference between being six and a half and being three and a half!

Caleb was disappointed to learn he could not really dig all the way to China, but this grandma thought the whole thing was very cute!

I love seeing my grandsons pretend, have a fun imagination and learn about the world around them. I was also so happy to be able to watch Josiah show kindness to Caleb because as the boys built their robots, Josiah often stopped his work on his own robot to help his younger brother decipher his building directions - and help his grandma who was trying to help his younger brother! 

So, Saturday was a wonderful day . . . the boys received surprises just for the fun of it, the boys were able to play with their surprises and I was able to watch them show dedication - they stuck with it as they built their robots - kindness and imagination! I'm a happy grandma for sure!

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