Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Am So Very Blessed - Thank You, God!

The past few days I've been thinking quite a lot about the blessings God has given me; no,
I don't live in a big, fancy, new house and I do not have a large bank account. I do not drive a new car and do not have the latest, newest and coolest tech, but the things which really matter I have been oh, so blessed!

On the news yesterday they told about a tiny baby who was born with serious heart issues; he had to have a transplant. The doctors were able to find a heart for this little boy and he is doing very well. I rejoice with the family of this baby, and grieve with the family who donated the heart from their own sweet baby who did not live. My grandsons have healthy, strong hearts. I am oh, so blessed.

On the news a couple days ago they told about a seven year old boy who was born with a right arm which was not completely formed. Robert Downey Jr went to this boy - as Iron Man/Tony Stark - and gave the boy an "Iron Man" arm! The seven year old boy was thrilled! My grandsons have strong, healthy arms. I am oh, so blessed.

One of you who read grandma's cookie jar had a daughter/granddaughter who went through a cancer battle in the last year. Yesterday you posted how she made the cheerleader squad at school! My grandsons are strong and healthy. I am oh, so blessed.

I could go on, but while I have challenges and struggles, in the things which really matter the most, I have been oh, so blessed! So, on this day I want to say thank you to God for the blessings He has given.

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