Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Top Five Reasons for Showing Grace to My Grandsons

I have three grandsons; ages six, three and 18 months. While these three boys are as sweet as you can possibly imagine, they are young boys and from time to time they do not obey and they annoy each other and end up arguing or even hitting one another. Yes, I know, this is shocking and almost unbelievable, but from time to time it does happen.

So, when my grandsons do not make a wise choice, what do I do? I give time-outs, we talk about what happened and how even when they are tired or have had a long day, they still have to obey and learn to make wise choices. I lean heavily towards showing my grandsons - and definitely giving them - grace. I do so for the following reasons . . . 
  1. Because God gives me grace. How can I not be a person who is generous with giving grace to others when God has been so generous to me with His grace? Especially my grandsons?
  2. Because I want my grandsons to understand what grace is. I want them to experience grace from me - a small grace, so they are able to understand and experience grace from God - a very large grace!
  3. Because I love my grandsons. When they are sorry for what they did and ask me for grace, how can I refuse? I love them and will always be generous with grace for them.
  4. Because I want them to grow to be people who are generous in giving grace to others. When they have experienced it, first of all from God in a big way and then in a smaller way from their grandma, they will be more likely to show grace to others.
  5. Because I understand they are young boys and are just learning to make wise choices. I know there will be times when they do not make wise choices and want them to know they do not have to be defeated by those unwise choices.
There are certainly other reasons, but when my grandsons have admitted what they did and asked for forgiveness, how can I not give them grace? I want them to grow to be grace-filled men, so as they grow up they will experience grace from their grandma!


  1. I so agree with you, how else do they learn how to treat others? You say it so much better than I could, but I've had the same thoughts many times. Thanks for the wonderful post! Blessings to you.

  2. They learn what they see (and feel).