Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Recipe for Easy-to-Make Candy & A Request for Help

Do you need any pots, pans, measuring spoons or other items for your kitchen? My daughter-in-law Jackie Freeman, recently hosted a Pampered Chef party and is keeping it open another week, so if you need something you could order on-line at this link - or just look around to see if there is anything you could use -http://www.pamperedchef.com/…/8908456574107;jsessionid=C63B…

My daughter-in-law told me how at her party the presenter showed a Herb Freezing Tray. She said it can be used to freeze herbs, broth, etc for use later in cooking or to make amazing candy! You'll find the recipe at this link!

I could not make the party - I had three sweet boys with me so their mom could host the party! - so I ordered some things before the party, including corn holders . . . it won't be long and it will be time for sweet corn - my grandsons always ask for corn holders, but the holders I buy from the store never last - these look like they will! I ordered a few other things, too. 

There are so many things to choose from - many less than $10! Jackie is trying to get her party order high enough so she will be able to get a new set of pots and pans at a great discount - if you could help her out - even with a small order, it would be appreciated! 
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  1. Thanks Lynda, this is a huge help. I got to taste the candy made with the collapsible ice cube trays from Pampered Chef, and it was amazingly delicious! You can also use them to make frozen yogurt, or even easy to thaw frozen broth cubes. So versatile!