Friday, March 13, 2015

Ten Days to Vote for Cookie Recipes & One More Prize!

For the past few days you have been voting for the recipe you like the best from our cookie recipe contest. In ten days I'll post the top three vote getting recipes and you will be able to vote for the one you like the best!

There are prizes; the winner of the cookie recipe contest will receive one The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook and twenty-five extra entries into the American Girl Doll Girl of the Year 2015 give-away. I'm happy to say I have one more prize - the cookbook - Hot & Cheesy. Surprisingly, even though this cookbook has cheese recipes, it does have some cheesy desserts including cheesecake, torte, cake and several recipes which remind me of pie! With this cookbook you will be able to fix a tasty dinner and then enjoy cookies for dessert!

So . . . the cookie recipes which have been shared are . . . 
  • Amy C's Seven-Layer Cookies (you'll find it at this link)
  • Karen's Chocolate Biscotti (you'll find it at this link)
  • Leah's Jam-Filled Thumbprint Cookies (you'll find it at this link)
  • Heather's Snickerdoodle Cookie (you'll find it at this link)
  • Jennifer Q's M&M Cookie (you'll find it at this link)
  • Lisa C's Oreo Cookie Balls (you'll find it at this link)
  • Raina's Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies (you'll find it at this link)
  • Leela's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (you'll find it at this link)
  • Joan's Molasses Crinkles Cookies (you'll find it at this link)
  • Debbie Ketcham's Brownie Cookies (you'll find it at this link)
You may vote for one cookie recipe using the poll on the top right side of grandma's cookie jar blog. These are fun, tasty cookies and you may vote for your favorite recipe! 

On March 23, 2015 I'll post the top three vote-getters and we'll be able to vote for our winner! Of course, we all are actually winners as we have all these tasty recipes which we can make for our families . . . which makes our families winners, too! Enjoy and please be sure to vote! (If your recipe is one of the ten above, feel free to ask your friends and family to vote for it!)

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