Friday, March 6, 2015

The Five Most Important Things on My Grandma's To-Do List

I am a grandma; I know, this is a pretty obvious statement, but it is true! As a grandma there are things I do because I am a grandma; things I may not otherwise do. But, since I am a grandma, these things are things I do!

It would take all day to list the "grandma things" I do, but of this long list, there are a few which are essential. Things which are the most important things for me to do and today I'm sharing with you my Five Most Important Things on My Grandma's To-Do List. They are . . . 
  • Point my grandchildren to God; help them know how very much God loves them (even more than I do and I love them a tremendously lot!)
  • Pray for my grandchildren; I ask God to open their eyes, draw them to Him and to protect them from the evil one. This world is scary, but God is bigger than I think and He is able to do every so much more than I can even begin to imagine!
  • Tell my grandchildren how much I love them - a tremendously lot! My grandsons are blessed to have wonderful parents and a poppa who love them, but it is important for them to hear, often, how much they are loved and this grandma does this often!
  • Smile, laugh and play with my grandsons and be generous with the hugs, kisses and snuggles . . . I want them to remember me as someone who actually enjoyed being around them and I am grandma . . .  if my grandsons "come within reach", they are likely to receive a hug, kiss or snuggle. It is just the way it is!
  • Listen to them. Put away my computer. Look my grandsons in their warm, chocolate brown eyes or sparkly, blue eyes and listen to whatever it is they want to tell me. They grow up all to fast. I want them to remember I paid attention to them and cared about the things they cared about.
Yes, there are many more things on my, "Grandma's To-Do List", but these five are most certainly five of the most important. What are the Top Five things on your "To-Do" list?

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