Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Book Give-Away and Idea for Resurrection Sunday!

Resurrection Sunday is tomorrow and if you are looking for something you could do to share the message of what Jesus did with your grandchildren and/or children, consider getting this new book I was sent for review (you'll find my full review and info about a give-away on my other blog About the Children's Department at this link).

The Story of King Jesus not only clearly tells why Jesus came, but also why we needed Him to come! Read it to your grandchildren/children tomorrow - it is sure to generate important conversations about how we all end up trying to do things the way we want instead of how God wants and this is sin - which means we all need Jesus and can all be forgiven by Him! 

And this is what Resurrection Sunday is all about . . . King Jesus did not stay dead . . . He rose so we can all be forgiven and can, "live the way God wants and do the job He gave us to do: love each other with all we've got. That's how we show God's love to everyone else." 

The Story of King Jesus is a wonderful book and would make a great addition to your Resurrection Celebration!

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