Monday, April 20, 2015

Celebrate in Heaven with Lemonade!

Image result for clipart for lemonade and heavenIf you read grandma's cookie jar, you know I like to write - at least I like to write this blog! I also like to write a few other things . . . I'm working on a book; "Why it is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren; and other Important Facts for Grandparents, and Parent's, too!, I write Unknown Bible Hero books for children, I have several fun monster stories for children I'm working on and I write curriculum (I've written for Big Idea, the Manners Mentor, SuperBook, Calvary Church and a new line - Deeper In 4 Children).

So, yesterday, when the boys were here, I had Josiah and Caleb try a Bible event from Deeper In 4 Children. Josiah read part of the Bible passage and then he and Caleb illustrated the Bible event (the lost sheep). It was fun to watch their imagination and creativity show up as they illustrated their Bible portions and the listen to them re-tell the Bible event which went with their illustrations! Even Caleb - three years old - was able to accurately re-tell his Bible portion!

It makes my heart so happy to hear how the boys are able to remember Bible events and more importantly, understand what they are really all about. I asked Josiah if he thought this particular Bible event was really about a lost sheep, or if he thought Jesus used it to teach people about how much they meant to Him and he said he thought it was really about how important people are to Jesus!

I absolutely want my grandsons to know how much they matter to Jesus and am happy they understand this at their ages! It was also fun to see how Josiah thought the "parties" in Heaven when someone is saved includes a lemonade stand!

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