Friday, April 3, 2015

Decorating Eggs!

My grandsons had a sleepover last night since Josiah's Spring Break begins today, so we decorated eggs for Sunday! Each of the boys were able to decorate eggs with crayons - as soon as they finished cooking! They used glitter crayons which melted so nicely on the hot eggs; the boys had a lot of fun decorating their eggs! 

Then they each had a bowl which they put food coloring in - Caleb had the blue food coloring, Josiah made orange and Shane had green. They covered their food coloring with baking soda and then had a great deal of fun adding vinegar! The boys loved watching their bowls foam! They added more food coloring - and more vinegar until their eggs were the color they wanted!

On Sunday Josiah will be looking for the orange eggs and the ones he decorated with the crayons, Caleb will look for the blue eggs and the ones he decorated with the crayons and Shane will look for the green eggs and the ones he decorated with the crayons. Color-coding the boys eggs makes it easier for the younger boys to find as many eggs as their older brother.

2015 egg decorating was a lot of fun!

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