Friday, April 17, 2015

DIY Outdoor Music Space!

20 Amazing Outdoor Music Stations. From wind chimes, to banging walls, to a cool music man this post has SO much inspiration.I don't know about your grandchildren, but my grandsons love to play outside - especially at my house! My house is in the country and so playing in my yard means the boys have room to move and make noise without "bothering" anyone! In my backyard is a group of pine trees - they make the perfect "hideout" because when the boys are back there, while they can easily see out, people who are not in there could easily miss seeing the boys! Plus, since my house was originally the family farmhouse, across the street is mostly family - my parents live across the street and on their land there is a woods and a creek. 

Playing outside at my house is a fun thing; which does not mean it could not be "more fun"! As I browsed on Pinterest this morning I saw a post about "building" an outdoor music space . . .  know my grandsons would love this! So, I think this summer we will be adding musical features to the boy's playground . . . after all, playing at grandma's house is fun!

Do you have any outdoor musical "features" at your house?

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