Sunday, April 5, 2015

"That is why the egg is empty!!!"

Last year I wrote the following post and thought I'd share it again with you today. I am celebrating Resurrection Sunday today with my family - the boys already decorated their eggs, so after dinner they will have an egg hunt - inside if it rains - and we are reading the new book, The Story of King Jesus. I'm looking forward to celebrating Jesus' resurrection with my family and am happy to re-share with you my post from last year!

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday yesterday with my family. The boys decorated eggs and I sat down with Josiah and Caleb and went through the Resurrection Eggs - Josiah enjoyed discovering what was in each egg and listening to why it was there. When the last egg was opened, he was surprised it was empty and thought I had lost the item which belonged in it. I told him Jesus' tomb was empty because He was risen! Josiah got a big smile on his face and said, "That is why the egg is empty!!!"

After our dinner, Josiah and Caleb waited inside while their parent hid the eggs they decorated and the Resurrection Eggs outside. Once they were all hidden around our yard, the boys went out to find them; Josiah had a lot of fun doing this, but Caleb became distracted by the sandbox and decided playing in the sand was something which sounded more fun to him than finding eggs!

After all the eggs were found, the boys came inside to find their inside surprises (the minions I crocheted for them and some play-doh and candy) then, Josiah sat down with his parents and explained why each item in the Resurrection Eggs was there! I was so happy to hear him do this!

Coloring, hiding and finding eggs; and special surprises - can be a lot of fun, but Easter is far more than these things. It is about the Resurrection of Jesus! I'm so glad the boys had the fun of finding eggs and surprises, but I'm thankful and overjoyed they are learning about why we celebrate and what it means for their lives!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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